There are few things in the world that science is as sure of as the beneficial effects of gratitude, yet it’s something that is rarely put to use. Creating a positive, effective, burn-out free and creative culture is just as easy as introducing gratitude.

People have a tendency to take the hard way. Organizations are completely restructuring, complicated new processes are implemented,.. all in favour of installing a transparent company culture. Yet a straightfoward principle as 'gratefulness', is often overlooked.

Don’t just take my word for it, just look at these videos below to see what I'm talking about.

The reasoning behind gratefulness

Think about two words that make everyone happy...

'Thank you.' It is scientifically proven that these words make you happier.

The explanation behind it is that we are on a 'hedonic treadmill': we stay on a constant level of happiness, with very few peeks. This is because we take things that make us happy for granted. If you start to become actively grateful, you automatically will become a happier person. In addition to this, studies show that people who focus more on being grateful, have higher levels of general well-being, sleep better and exercise more.

Gratitude in the workplace


The advantages of being grateful on a personal and organizational level are unbelievable. Being thankful makes you appreciate what’s already there, which significantly reduces stress. That, in turn, leaves more room for focussed decision-making and creative thinking. Look at the video of Lea to find out more advantages for your organization.

Emotional proof

And if you’re a person that cannot be convinced with reason, there’s a little more emotional proof in this video above. It's another piece of evidence that one of the greatest contributing factors of overall happiness, is how much gratitude you show.

Gratitude is a contagious emotion. If you express gratitude often, people are going to love helping you out and will want to work with you. That also counts for help you’re looking for outside of your team. If you’re looking for a mentor, that person is way more likely to stick around if you show them how grateful you are for their help. So it’s something you’ll see happening around you once you start doing it.


So go ahead and start building habits that revolve around gratitude. Do a Friday evening thank you round with the team, write cards to thank people in the organization (on their birthday for example), have a fun game of ‘high fives’ at your next Christmas party and urge people to do random acts of kindness (without expecting anything in return).

And if you’re still yearning for some gratitude, here’s Matthew McConaughey winning an Oscar:

Originally published on Arne's Medium account.