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"Switch it off, and we would notice the difference immediately."
Steven Pepermans

Steven Pepermans

Founder & COO

"INTUO makes our teams more coherent, our company more transparent and assures us that everyone's talents are acknowledged and used in the best way possible."
Robin Van Cleemput

Robin Van Cleemput


“Working with INTUO is a breeze. We consulted them about our ideas and they taught us the importance of a user-centric approach.”

Christian Greffe

Quality Manager

“We have received positive feedback from our employees thus far and are excited to continue to see how INTUO can help us.”

Anne Deckmyn

Training Coordinator

“I've used a few systems like this in the past and I have to say that this one really is great. It's great from a user point of view.”

Dominique De Cooman

CEO & Founder