Increasing Engagement Amongst White and Blue Collars

This is the customer story of DPD.

DPD believes in people being true to themselves, employees being able to develop themselves and sharing their opinion. To realise this, they are soon starting with Unit4 intuo's engagement and performance features.


At DPD, employee engagement was an issue. The management, managers and HR didn't know what was going on in the organisation, meaning that they couldn't actively act on issues and frustrations.

People are also reluctant to the performance management dialogue. They do it because they have to. They see it as something that is added on top of their regular work rather than it being their compass and map within their teams.

What started the change at DPD was showing vulnerability from the top, going to the people and really listening to them.


To make their employees familiar with the new HR processes, they will roll-out step by step. DPD will start with engagement pulses to make sure they know how people feel about the current changes and culture. They will adapt some of the questions to the DPD DNA.

Then, they will digitise their current performance cycle in intuo. Their ultimate goal is to have an ongoing conversation between managers and their people. Ideally, they want to move to quarterly conversations and objectives. Depending on their employees' needs.

Use the toggle to discover DPD's yearly process before and after the implementation of Unit4 intuo (future plans).

all the great people all the great people


DPD expects Unit4 intuo to connect their people more easily and give them an extra voice for feedback.

Wim's ultimate view is that whatever they do, it has to fit in the bigger goal: caring about people and sharing. For him, these two things are found in the intuo application. He finds it straightforward, easily accessible and cutting through complexity. That's why he truly believes intuo will help DPD listen to their people on a constant basis and get engagement levels up.