Saving significant time for managers and HR

This is the customer story of Eurofins Digital Testing.

We talk to Eurofins Digital Testing's senior HR team, Sophie Van Ham and Laura Leeman
and one of their senior managers, Erik Boelen.

Eurofins Digital Testing is using Unit4 intuo's engagement, conversations, feedback, praise, objectives, analytics and learning features.


Every manager had their own way of documenting performance reviews, some used Excel, some used OneNote. When someone changed managers within the company, a lot of that information was lost and the follow-up couldn't be done properly. Adding that there were only 2 formal peak moments per year, where HR was in charge of development talks rather than the managers, this resulted in a very high workload. It felt like a heavy, unstructured process, that took up too much time.


Managers moved from having 2 touch points per year, to talking to their teams every month. Erik confirms that employees really appreciate that their managers care about them and invest in their personal and professional development. As a part of that, they now work more with objectives. Employees know better what is expected of them, where they need to move towards and who can support them. Employees are now more in charge of their own development.

HR can now also see feedback, objective and engagement data in real-time. Which allows them to ping managers quicker, and help employees faster.

With the Corona Crisis, they sent out engagement surveys with questions on topics such as wellbeing, working from home, performance, etc. This allowed Eurofins Digital Testing to know within a few days who was missing what tools to work from home and how their employees were doing.

Use the toggle to discover Eurofins Digital Testing's yearly process before and after the implementation of Unit4 intuo.

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One of the biggest remarks HR always received from managers was if they could delay their performance review deadlines. Since using Unit4 intuo, no manager has ever asked this anymore. Since there are more touch points during the year, managers don't need to dig up old information and they can start their performance reviews with the most up-to-date data.

The general workload is now also more divided between HR and the manager and employees like that their managers are doing the follow-up.

Performance management wise, employees update their objectives more often, they ask for feedback quicker and have an engagement survey adoption rate of 76%. This results in an overall adoption of the intuo platform of 90%.