Introducing a new HR Policy in Banking

This is the customer story of Europabank. Winner of the Talent Enablement Award 2019.
A few months ago, they implemented Unit4 intuo's conversations and objectives features and will soon also introduce feedback.


Europabank chose to introduce a new HR policy in an environment that isn't used to change. One of their main challenges was to establish a modern wage policy that is based on employees' competencies and performances rather than only on tenure. There used to be only one yearly review at the end of the year which resulted in certain things being undiscussed.

The internal resistance to this change was inevitable. Especially because they couldn't prove that the changes would be successful and beneficial for everyone. But now they can say with certainty that they really are reaping the benefits from the change.


With the introduction of Unit4 intuo, employees are responsible for their own development. They are at the steering wheel of their career. Additionally to the current one-on-one conversations at the end of the year, employees now hold multiple, short conversations during the year. Europabank has also introduced a new flex income plan together with a new way of leadership.

Use the toggle to discover Europabank’s yearly process before and after the implementation of Unit4 intuo.

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For Thomas, intuo is an evolution tool and he's truly seeing that within their organisation: with the employees, in the departments and teams. Intuo has already positively influenced a number of parameters such as time, efficiency, performance,... But what's very important to him, is that the communication is now proceeding more efficiently within our organisation. Not only the communication between the employees and their managers but also across departments and offices.

Engagement increased as well. In fact, Unit4 intuo automatically results in constantly engaged employees. They notice that the employees who are using the tool actively also see results very quickly. All of this contributes to the retention of their employees.