Employee Feedback

What is it?

Engagement pulses, or pulse surveys, are short and frequent surveys that are distributed to employees and question them about their work experience. A pulse survey often includes 5-10 questions that focus on a specific area of employee wellbeing. The questions are usually simple and easy to answer. Engagement pulses are intended to be distributed weekly or every few weeks. The answers to these questions give organisations insights in how engaged their employees are and on the basis of these insights, actions can be undertaken. Because of technology, these engagement pulses can be sent out online instead of having to use paper.

Engagement pulses vs engagement surveys

Engagement pulses differ from (yearly) engagement surveys, because they:

  • are shorter, faster and often easier to fill out
  • are more frequent
  • track the same item over time
  • are distributed at a regular time interval
  • often have higher response rates


Sending out engagement pulses are a relatively recent phenomenon in organisations. But there are several reasons why engagement pulses are gaining in popularity, they:

  • Give almost immediate insights in employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Lead to a positive organisational culture where giving/asking feedback is normal
  • Allow the organisation to see improvements over time
  • Frequently remind employees that management values their feedback
  • Encourage open communication
  • Encourage employee happiness
  • Focus on the individual employee