Talent LMS


A talent LMS is described as a SAAS eLearning platform, also known as a learning management system (LMS) or a virtual learning environment (VLE)

This system - offering a wide array of tools for content creation, test building, assignment management, reporting, internal messaging and discussions ā€“ simplifies training processes. A talent LMS can also be used to sell courses online.


Both small and medium enterprises use a talent LMS for employee training purposes. The emphasis of this tool is to combine usability and workflow. Besides that, the main idea of a talent LMS is to take the idea of a traditional learning management system and make it more accessible through a user-friendly cloud-based platform. Including (usually real-time) transparent statistics and reporting.

Benefits for companies

  • You can easily create competency profiles
  • You can assess competencies
  • You can develop a L&D development strategy aligned to your businessā€™ needs
  • You can make training relevant to certain roles
  • You can encourage informal and on the job learning
  • You will be able to reinforce learning within your company