Establish and maintain a people-centric company culture
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Well-being and retention

Let a genuinely nice work environment translate into company loyalty.

Issue detection and prevention

Anticipate and act on problems before they become troublesome.

Employee and company culture

Establish, spread and encourage building towards a great culture.

Employee engagement and dedication

Forge a company that your employees truly care about | INTUO

Engaged employees recognise the needs of both their coworkers and the company. Overall success becomes a personal matter as their achievements directly influence the organisational ones and vice versa.


Measure and improve well-being

Engagement is more about commitment, rather than general happiness. But the way employees feel plays a huge part in their motivation and performance. A good overview is crucial to make improvements.

Build an open company culture

Increasing engagement has a direct impact on your company culture. Not only will newcomers adapt more quickly to your existing culture, but employees will feel more comfortable adding to it as well.

Less effort for better results

Collecting data should be time-efficient and easy. A well-integrated, real-time barometer handles exactly that.
Our questions are powerful yet approachable enough so that more introverted employees are able to share their thoughts as well.

Make solid assessments

A good leader should be able to detect patterns in employee behaviour and make the right decisions based on those patterns. Act in a preemptive and well-informed way by relying on your data-driven and team-based reports.


Powerful pulses and questions
INTUO Engage comes equipped with a large set of meaningful questions to make your employees think and communicate about their current state.
Transparent team-based reporting
Filter by team to have a more detailed impression of how specific departments are doing. Isolate issues and take preemptive actions to improve their engagement.
Seamless workflow integration
Save time by implementing our pulses and surveys straight into your natural workflow. No extra hassle for employees to give their valuable input.
Real-time engagement barometer
Consult an up-to-date overview of your people's engagement and participation level to the necessary steps towards improvement.

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