Better job and product knowledge through user-friendly education.
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Onboarding and distribution

Get employees up to date faster and more often without the need for extra personnel

Employee skills and strengths

Determine what your people are best at and use their strengths to your advantage

Cloud-based and cost-effective

Accessible from any place, making learning on the go easy and affordable

State of the art learning management system

Turn your knowledge base into genuine progress and innovation | INTUO

Whether it's onboarding a new coworker or training a team member, education should be fast, engaging and effective. Knowledgeable employees with room to explore are the key to innovation and getting ahead of the competition.


Onboard new coworkers faster

The first weeks of new employees can be overwhelming. They have a lot to learn and require time and effort from their more experienced colleagues. Limit both with our cloud-based e-learning platform.

Keep everybody up to date

When everybody is on the same page it's easier to go forward as a company. Employees have room to innovate, while customers and partners have a better understanding of your product and services, making it easier to promote them.

Make learning engaging

Grabbing and keeping people's attention is a challenge. That's why our Learn platform has been designed to be engaging, extensive and diverse. There's a fitting mechanic for every kind of learning material out there.

Analyse employee skills

To unlock the full potential of your employees, it's vital to determine their skills, strengths and weaknesses. Once you have a clear picture of those, you can assign your employees to positions where they can grow and excel.


Intuitive course builder
Use our course builder to its full extent. Implement video, quizzes, SCORM, topics, certificates, badges and more to serve your users the best gamification has to offer.
Student statistics and analytics
Consult a thorough overview of your students' accomplishments. Determine their strengths in certain areas and hand out rewards to motivate them.
Roles and permissions
Emulate your organisational structure and give certain individuals and groups permissions accordingly. Have full control over your content distribution.
Feature heavy and user-friendly
We've put great care in designing a modern, user-friendly interface that feels light yet feature heavy. Offer your users a satisfying learning experience.

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