Onboarding and Distribution

Employee Skills and Strengths

Cloud-based and Cost-effective


Spread the Knowledge Easily


From Education to Innovation

Whether it's onboarding a new coworker or training a team member, education should be fast, engaging and (cost)effective.

Knowledgeable employees are the ones that will feel comfortable enough to innovate and get you ahead of the competition.

Create and Distribute Online Courses

Support for Blended Learning

Extensive Certification Models

User Analytics on Skills and Strengths

"With intuo, we can train our people with
the attention and detail they deserve."

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How to cater with Millenials in this
rapidly changing work climate?
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Intuitive Course-Builder
User our course-builder to its full extent. Use video, quizzes, topics, certificates, blended learning, and more to offer your users the best learning experience imaginable.
Student Statistics and Analytics
Consult a thorough overview of your students' accomplishments. Determine their strengths in certain areas and hand out rewards to acknowledge and motivate them.
Roles and Permissions
Emulate you organizational structure and give certain individuals and groups permissions accordingly. Have full control over your learning content distribution.
Feature-heavy and User-friendly
We've put great care in designing a modern, user-friendly interface that feels light and profound at the same time. Customize everything to your needs and spread your knowledge.
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Other Features

Agile Objectives

Set both personal and organizational goals. Focus and align your efforts this way.
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360° Feedback

Give and request feedback. Flawlessly integrated throughout the platform.
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Guided Check-ins

Easy coaching conversations with customizable flow and questions.
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Engagement Surveys

Send out easy-to-digest surveys to measure employee engagement and prevent obstacles.
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