Let better leadership result into better employee performance
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Objectives and alignment

Acknowledge individual strengths and goals while striving for the same purpose.

Conversation and feedback

Aim for high-quality communication with effective one-on-ones and meaningful talks.

Ambition and job satisfaction

People choose your company to achieve their professional aspirations. Support them.

The new way of increasing employee performance

Sharpen your leadership skills with crucial review facilitators | INTUO

As roles and expectations within a company are becoming more complex, so is the challenge to retain valuable employees. Strategic and intelligent communication between all parties is vital for futureproofing your organisation.

Align and meet expectations

Identifying what your employees are looking for in their job is essential. Determine their main goals and align them with those of your team and company as best as possible. Only then will you be able to let the right people work in the right places.

Give useful feedback

Telling someone what they have done well or need to do better is a skill. Expressing what exactly needs improvement and why it is so important going forward guarantees genuine progress.

Talk thoroughly and frequently

Only having yearly reviews is outdated and misleading. Scheduling one-on-ones often to discuss your objectives and feedback leads to a more accurate understanding of an employee's performance. INTUO provides a guided check-in process to facilitate these one-on-ones.

Act on insightful data

As a leader and a coach, you are a key element for a team. People rely on you for guidance and great decision making. Basing those decisions on accurate and insightful data is a significant benefit in search for more performance.


Agile goal-setting
Set and adjust professional goals in a very intuitive interface. Mark progress and receive reminders when completion is due.
Objective alignment
Align individual, team-based and organisational objectives. Access a full overview for a clear picture of the direction every department is working towards.
Guided check-ins
Our check-ins are designed to guide your managers in the one-on-one process. Gradually hone your coaching skills towards higher levels of leadership.
360-degree feedback
Use feedback and praise as a tool for growth and development. Incite high-quality communication between employees, managers, teams and organisations.

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