Set and Maintain Agile Objectives

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Request and Give Feedback

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Guided Check-in Conversations

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From organizational goals to personal ambitions

Set Transparent Objectives

Align and meet expectations

Identifying what your employees are looking for in their job is essential. Determine their main goals and align them with those of your team and company as best as possible. Only then will you be able to let the right people work in the right places.

Set and Adjust Goals and Key Results Easily

Filter Between Personal and Company Goals

Link Objectives to Feedback and Check-ins

Attach Relevant Social Learning Courses

How to cater with Millenials in this
rapidly changing work climate?
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Transparent Feedback Between Employees, Managers and Customers

Integrated 360° Feedback

Give or Ask Feedback from Peers and Clients

Adjust Visibility to Fine-Tune the Scope

Add Images or Videos to Make an Impact

Integrated with Objectives and Check-ins

Give useful feedback

Telling someone what they have done well or need to do better is a skill. Expressing what exactly needs improvement and why it is so important going forward guarantees genuine progress.

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Have Frequent And Impactful One-on-Ones to Facilitate Coaching

Guided Conversations

Talk thoroughly and frequently

Only having yearly reviews is outdated and misleading. Scheduling one-on-ones often to discuss your objectives and feedback leads to a more accurate understanding of an employee's performance. INTUO provides a guided check-in process to facilitate these one-on-ones.

Plan and Prepare Conversations With Ease

Customize Questions to Set the Talk's Topic

Relevant Feedback Integrated Automatically

Create Your Own Flow of Conversation

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Other Features

Engagement Surveys

Send out easy-to-digest surveys to measure employee engagement and prevent obstacles.
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Learning Management

Streamline your onboarding and knowledge distribution. For employees and partners.
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