Retention and Engagement

Found talent? Keep it. Nurture well-being and establish a culture that attracts even more talent.

Coaching and Performance

Guide your employees. Use feedback and hassle-free check-ins to enhance your coaching abilities.

Agility and Innovation

Let your employees explore, incite innovation and get ahead of the competition. By miles.

sharp & happy employees

How can INTUO help you?

Guide your people to a more productive, engaging and innovative state we like to call "true happiness."

For employees, managers and their teams

Three key solutions, three key products

The INTUO platform helps out leaders and employees alike by facilitating the people-centric tasks. Focus on the essential needs of your employees to increase employee retention.


For leaders who
are striving for better communication, more alignment and employee job satisfaction.
Use INTUO Perform
to enhance your coaching abilities and encourage meaningful conversations.
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For leaders who
wish to increase employee engagement and well-being for a great company culture.
Use INTUO Engage
to take more effective actions based on insightful user data gathered from pulses.
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For leaders who
want to bring new employees up to speed faster and keep current ones up to date better.
Use INTUO Learn
to streamline your onboarding and knowledge distribution. For employees and partners.
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Seamless Harmony

All in one complete suite

Our three key modules have been designed to serve as a flexible addition to your company's existing solutions as well as one powerful suite harnessing all available features, seamlessly working together.

INTUO suite

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"Working with INTUO is a breeze. We consulted them about our ideas and they taught us the importance of a user-centric approach."
Christian Greffe

Christian Greffe

Quality Manager

"We have received positive feedback from our employees thus far and are excited to continue to see how INTUO can help us."
Anne Deckmyn

Anne Deckmyn

Training Coordinator

"I've used a few systems like this in the past and I have to say that this one really is great. It's great from a user point of view"
Dominique De Cooman

Dominique De Cooman

CEO & Founder

Guide people to greatness

Want to let your business thrive?

Over 500.000 employees and managers are already getting the best out of themselves with INTUO. Find out how we can do the same for you.

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