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Why do companies need INTUO?

Employees want to grow and be acknowledged.

Loyalty can't be bought with a paycheck anymore. Employees need to experience a real fit where they can understand, improve and pride themselves on their work to be truly happy.

Managers want to understand and support their teams.

Managers need meaningful and actionable data on their teams, so they don't need to "guess." They want to deal with issues proactively and spend more time coaching their people to success.

HR teams want to invest in a high-performing culture.

Every new hire is wasted money if you can't provide the right environment in which he or she will thrive. Investing in tools that facilitate decision-making saves both time and resources.

What INTUO can mean to you

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wonderful colleagues


wonderful colleagues


wonderful colleagues

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Happiness facilitator

INTUO, your online talent management platform

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Specialized modules

Our 3 tools to guide you to a New World of Work


Better communication, alignment, and job satisfaction. Enhance your coaching abilities and encourage meaningful conversations.
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Bring new employees up to speed faster and keep current ones up to date better. Streamline onboarding and efficiently distribute knowledge.
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Increase employee engagement and well-being. Take more effective actions based on insightful user data gathered from pulses.
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Seamless Harmony

All in one complete suite

Our three key modules have been designed to serve as a flexible addition to your company's existing solutions as well as one powerful suite harnessing all available features, seamlessly working together.

INTUO suite

Happiness facilitator

INTUO, your online talent management platform

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Engaged employees are 87% more likely to love and stay at their job.