Increase retention by coaching your employees to greatness

A Platform to Coach Better

Hassle-free Coaching Tools

Intuo makes coaching straightforward for everyone involved, even for your remote and extended workforce.

From realizing personal ambitions to a healthy work-life balance, Intuo helps companies to step up their game when it comes to retaining employees.

  Guided check-in conversations

  Company-wide engagement surveys

  Dedicated Mobile Features

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For longlasting relations with your peers and customers

Ask Feedback, Earn Trust

Support in a Transparent Way

Feedback and recognition do not only serve as a device to deduct your strengths and weaknesses from but are also your gateway to a culture of honesty and trust.

Intuo facilitates both giving and requesting feedback, internally as well as externally. Fine-tune the scope by attaching it to the objectives to increase impact.

  Integrated 360° Feedback

  Both internally and externally

  Dedicated Mobile Features

How Consultancy Firms can
boost retention

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Focus your efforts and distribute knowledge accordingly

Onboarding, easy as 🍰

Set and Align Clear Objectives

Log ambitions, set attainable goals, and align both with your organizational objectives to stay on course. Organize and maintain a clear career path.

Decrease the amount of time, money and effort of co-workers by setting up a system of social learning.

  Transparent Agile Objectives

  Onboarding & Social Learning

  Dedicated Mobile Features

Both scaling and merging can damage a culture, not with intuo

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to be the perfect tool to preserve our culture"

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  Transparent Agile Objectives

  Onboarding & Social Learning

  Extensive Roles & Permissions

  Integrated 360° Feedback

  Performance Snapshots

  Skills & Strengths Tracking

  Guided Check-in Conversations

  Engagement Surveys

  Dedicated Mobile Features