Check-ins will be under constant development, to make conversations go even more smoothly and insightful than ever before. We'll keep on fine-tunig the questions, the relevance of the feedback, the adjusting of the objectives and the overall summary of the talk until it's (close to) perfection. Imagine a (nearby) future where you will actually look forward to those types of conversations. Isn't it beautiful? 




Hi there!

In this release note, we’ll be talking about a couple of platform updates on existing features.

Whether it’s coming from us, or from feedback from a client, as long as it improves the experience, we’ll make sure to make it happen.

One of our latest enhancements is a new check-in flow.

We’ve updated the design in a way that each part of the conversation fits onto one page.

The page with the conversation questions has an additional new feature as well. The option to add specific questions from the questions library, or letting you make your own.

This allows people to start out with preformulated questions, and once they get the hang of it, they can come up with their own

People have already reported they are a big fan of this updated design, so we hope that you’ll experience the same feeling as well.

On the engagement front we have enabled the possibility to see who’s been rather inactive lately.

Maybe they’re using an outdated email address?

Or they just don't see the use of answering these pulses?

In which case it would be good to remind people that the better their input is, the better management knows how to improve the work environment and overall culture.

And if the issue should be the frequency of the pulses, you’ll be happy to know that, from now on, you can adjust that setting in the engagement controls as well.

Thank you for watching this release note coming from INTUO.

If you have any questions or remarks, please get in touch through our chat intercom on the website, or by email or telephone of course.