Maybe you caught our "big launch" live on Facebook, or have noticed that our email signatures are a bit different, but INTUO is sporting a slightly different outfit as of recently. R.I.P. blue booklet, you served us well. Welcome new logo, we promise you a bright and ambitious future!


Why the need for change? Simple, the old logo just didn't represent our vision and mission well enough anymore. In a relatively short amount of time, INTUO has evolved from "just" a high-end Learning Management Platform to a full-fledged Talent Management Platform. A platform (and company) which is still very committed to facilitating onboarding and distributing knowledge, for sure.

But our purpose has grown bigger, better, and bolder. For a while now, we have been dedicating the most of our waking hours to facilitating the implementation of a more future-proof and employee-centric mindset in organizations.

So while our little "book" icon did still embody our belief in proper education and knowledge-sharing, it just didn't cover all the bases any longer.

From old to new

The old logo just didn't cover all the bases anymore.

Nice things take time

Comparable to the process of introducing a new mindset in a company, the design of a new logo doesn't happen overnight. It takes time, good communication, experimentation, and the commitment to accomplish exactly what you set out to do.

Fortunately, our designer, Jeroen van Eerden, couldn't agree more on that one.

Take one glance at his Behance showcase on our logo, and you'll notice right away that we had a bunch of iterations to decide on (these aren't even all of them). Some we liked at first but grew indifferent to as time went on. Others weren't quite what we were looking for, but with a small adjustment, they became contenders again.

Quite the batch of iterations

In the end, we were able to nail the design together. It was a perfect blend of us thoroughly communicating what we were after, and Jeroen knowing how to translate our feedback into action.

Core values through graphic design?

There's a good reason why a lot of companies invest a considerable amount of time and resources in the creation of their branding. A great logo should be a visual and sentimental representation of your core values and mission. The colors, the typography, the flow of curves or the degree of the angles... It's a very subtle way to express the identity of your company and its people.

Let's go over a couple of key "features" of the new INTUO logo

  1. Blue

    The one thing we have kept intact is the use of the color blue. Blue is the color of trust, loyalty, and stability amongst others. Needless to say that is what we are striving for when we help out companies with our platform and guidance. Trust-based relationships, more company loyalty, and stability through agility.
  2. Round and fluent shape

    Smooth transitions and increased flexibility are what we facilitate for companies, so no rigid forms or crazy angles for us. We also wanted to let the icon feel very much like a button. The sort of button that lets you empower yourself and take control of your own growth path. You have the tools; it's up to you to click that button and take ownership of what you and your company are trying to accomplish...
  3. The text bubble

    ... But to reach those goals you will need some support, and be supportive to others. The best way to improve yourself, and your team, is by asking and giving feedback regularly. It's one of the things we are very adamant about. So to have our logo represent conversation and interaction was a must.
  4. The smile

    This was the final, yet crucial part of the logo. Whatever you need to express, or take in, always be set on a positive outcome. In the end, everyone wants to be truly happy at their job, so you might as well act on it and channel your energy into improving your work environment.

Employer branding

As with a tasty dinner, I'm saving the most important bit for last: The people behind the logo. Few things are more valuable to a company than the loyalty and engagement of their employees. At least, that's the way it ought to be if you want to be competitive in the long run. You want your people to fly your colors with pride, almost as if your company is their favorite soccer team.

Can a neat new logo achieve this? Well, a graphic can only do so much on its own. The rest has to be filled in by your company culture. Sure, you can use the power of marketing to lift your "street-cred" by launching fancy campaigns and whatnot. But in all honesty, if you don't have a company that people actually like working for, sooner or later, your logo will be nothing but a front.

Reservoir INTUO

Reservoir INTUO

So what are the main takeaways here?

  1. First and foremost, treat your people the right way, so they can truly be proud of everything that represents your company.
  2. Secondly, we have a new logo 🤓