The increasing number of tools a company uses is insane. They all help us get our work done one way or another, yet there are so damn much of them. So for those companies who have Slack (a simple, yet effective communication tool for day-to-day work) in their tool collection, we have some very exciting news!

At INTUO we're constantly searching for better, faster and smoother ways to implement the process of feedback into an everyday workflow. No matter how valuable it is, if giving feedback is too much of a nuisance, it won't be done. We are very much aware of that. So that's why we're thrilled to announce yet another step in the right direction as we have built... *drum roll please* ...
an INTUO Slack integration! (We may have slightly spoiled the surprise in the title ánd the introduction).

There are only two prerequisites to be able to reap the benefits of this new feature:

  1. You must have our INTUO Perform module on your platform activated and,
  2. you must be using Slack in your company, obviously.

Meet INTUO bot!

In the first iteration of this feature, you will be able to talk to our very own INTUO bot! Talk to him about one of our basic commands, and he’ll make it happen. You’ll be able to provide people with some well deserved praise, view all your objectives or even set a new one, straight from your Slack application! Just follow his instructions, you’re in good hands.

All the praises that were sent with a company-wide visibility will appear in a separate #intuo slack channel so that you can integrate a recognition culture even more. Pretty cool right?

This means that you will not have to go to our platform itself to keep track of your objectives or to give someone some feedback. The INTUO platform (or more precisely, our Intuobot) will come to you!


We are currently in the Beta testing phase for this feature, so we are looking for some eager guinea pigs to give it a try, starting from April 1st ‘17 (not a joke). Curious? Get in touch via, and we’ll set everything up in a jiffy!