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Our values

Be passionate about success

Every contribution matters, regardless of their impact. That's why we celebrate both small and big victories at intuo. As long as you fuel your efforts with passion and purpose, the results and recognition will follow.

Be persistent

Backing down from a challenge isn't our style. We know the best lessons are learned, and most satisfying wins are earned, by taking obstacles head-on. Even if it means stepping out of our comfort zone once and a while.

Act as a leader

Every person at intuo is responsible for keeping our culture on point. The energy, respect and friendly atmosphere are just a couple of treats that define us because everyone sets the right example. As a leader should.

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Meet our latest team members

Femke Saelens

Started on January 27th, 2020.
"From the beginning intuo felt like coming home. It's only been three weeks but it's been a crazy ride so far. Intuo stays true to what they believe: they realize you have to invest in people in order to be succesful!"

Maria Alejandra

Started on november 4th, 2019.
"I was amazed with how welcoming everyone was, I had the chance to have quick on on ones with many of my colleagues, and I felt I was part of them."

Elliot Link

Started on november 15th, 2019.
"Loving everything at Intuo so far, everyone's been super welcoming and the training's been great. I've definitely made the right choice!"