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Insights on coaching, performance management and eveything in between

How to Successfully manage multigenerational teams

This White Paper dives into the subject of successfully managing:


Baby Boomers

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Ratingless Compensation & Benefits

This White Paper teaches you to set up a process, enabling you to link Performance and Compensation & Benefits

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Video Courses

Free email video courses - bite sized 2 minute videos

10 two-minute videos bundle the lessons learned from 100+ implementations of a new way of performance management.
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Case Studies

See what success with intuo looks like

Case Study in Consultancy:
Planet Talent

Learn how to motivate and retain your employees

Find out where to find the time to invest in coaching & development

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Do It Yourself Tools

Easy and free-to-use Tools you can deploy yourself instantly

DIY Engagement Survey Pack

A set of 15 engagement questions, an engagement graph and interpretation of your results

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Company Culture Test

Test your company culture score, and get hands-on tips on how you can improve your culture

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Easy digestable research results on talent management

Increased performance of engaged teams

Cost of employees that leave

THe impact of engaged consultants

Risk of burnout

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ROI Calculators

Simple tools that calculate your Return On Investment of good Talent Management

Talent Management ROI Calculator

ROI Calculator for Consulting Firms