A better working experience for all

Team Unit4 intuo's mission is to help create and maintain a fulfilling experience for every person in your organisation.

Our values

Be passionate about success

Every contribution matters, regardless of their impact. That's why we celebrate both small and big victories at intuo. As long as you fuel your efforts with passion and purpose, the results and recognition will follow.

Be persistent

Backing down from a challenge isn't our style. We know the best lessons are learned, and most satisfying wins are earned, by taking obstacles head-on. Even if it means stepping out of our comfort zone once and a while.

Act as a leader

Every person at intuo is responsible for keeping our culture on point. The energy, respect and friendly atmosphere are just a couple of treats that define us because everyone sets the right example. As a leader should.

The origin and
growth of intuo

Co-founders Tim and Gilles met each other in the Austrian Alps and, over the years, let their love for snowboarding slowly but surely evolve into a passion for entrepreneurship...

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Meet our superheroes

At Unit4 intuo, we welcome every type of personality. From strong-willed perfectionists to highly-talented introverts. Everyone is gifted, likeable and drop-dead gorgeous in their own way.Well... maybe not "drop dead gorgeous" but we have our moments. This one time, we had three people in the office who were wearing a really nice shirt, with buttons and everything. 💅 💄 What a day that was!

all the great people all the great people
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Did you know...

we have weekly team meetings with the entire team.

Fun fact

Gert-Jan never misses a match of his favorite team, Club Brugge.

National Fame

Did you know Jorn was the main subject of a nationwide documentary "Durven Falen"


Siemon has a collection of over 80 sneakers! Including all the boxes.

Humble beginnings

Two of our three founders met eachother during their professional snowboard career.

intuo babbies

Sander and Tim both became father of a son this August.

Did you know...

intuo has remote people working in over 5 different countries?

Fun fact

Olivier was once regional trampoline champion!

Location, Location, Location.

The HQ is located inside the Ghelamco Arena, the stadium of KAA Gent.


Did you know Berislav makes his own sausages and schnaps?

Practice what you preach

Even though we are very much aware of the benefits of a good culture, Unit4 intuo experiences the same stages and challenges as every other company.


An employee’s alignment with the company leads to a better performance



A positive work environment provides motivation and wellness


Personal growth

A contribution to personal growth of employees