Reducing High Churn
in Recruiting

This is the customer story of USG People.
Nominee of the Talent Enablement Award 2019.
To decrease churn rates they teamed up with Unit4 intuo. They are using intuo's engagement, performance and learn features.


USG People has always focused on operational tasks. This means that conversations with employees also focused on the operational part of someone's job rather than on development or career perspective. Additionally, employee churn rates are very high in their competitive industry because they are often the first employer.


With intuo, USG is focussing more on people's personal development. They have made a few custom conversations in the platform where they really put people at the centre of the conversation. Employees can even request it themselves.

They are also sending out engagement pulses twice a month to measure the pulse of their organisation and take action based on the results.

Learning has also become a big part of USG's culture. Employees can follow multiple courses and training online, which allows them to grow and develop faster.

Use the toggle to discover USG's yearly process before and after the implementation of Unit4 intuo.

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In general, there is more transparency within the organisation. Whether it's about reaching goals or the conversations they are having with their manager. Intuo has also helped USG get one performance management process across the 6 different organisations. It's also clearer for employees to know what is expected of them and where they are headed within the organisation.